Rajendra Chola’s royal seal

Rajendra Chola’s seal, which he used to ratify documents with the king’s authority during his reign and accompanied the copper plates used to communicate with other kingdoms, is a very interesting piece of art. It has a tiger, the emblem of the Cholas; an umbrella and two fly-whisks at the top representing royalty and the court, a Hindu swastika (at the base).

On each side of the centre of the seal you can see two lamps, to signify the holiness and auspicious nature of the seal.

The royal seal of Rajendra Chola I (1014-1044 CE)
The royal seal of Rajendra Chola I (1014-1044 CE)

Rajendra Chola had conquered the Pandyas, Cheras, and the eastern Chalukyas. Their symbols are on his seal as well to show his dominance over these kingdoms –  two vertical fish (the  emblem of the Pandyas), a bow (the Cheras’ emblem, below the fish), and the boar (the eastern Chalukyas’ emblem, beside the bow).

The legend around the emblem proclaimed in Sanskrit, “Hail, Prosperity!” which was the core of Rajendra Chola’s promise to his people, with his dominance of naval trade and conquest of rival kingdoms.

The royal tiger seal of Rajendra Chola I (1014-1044 CE)
Another view of the royal tiger seal 

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