The content on this site is based on two years of research for my book, Empire. Detailed sources of information were hard to find – tidbits here and there, expensive translations, out of print books, journal articles behind paywalls.

I have therefore set up this site as an easy to access repository on the Chola Empire, which collects and discusses the history of the Cholas in what I hope is an easy to navigate way.

Through my readings, I became deeply enamored with this time period. We talk and write a great deal about the Mughals, but not much about this complex empire, when an Indian king dominated naval trade in the surrounding ocean, the Chola ships the envy of the world. Rajendra Chola expanded his empire far beyond Indian shores, expanding to Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. He conquered Kerala, India’s eastern coastline and Lanka to ensure control of sea traffic. And his empire became a trading centre and a prominent naval base.

The past hides its face, and we piece together what we know from fragments, stories, the buildings left behind. The story of the empire is a half-done puzzle, and I contribute what I can.

The result of my research is a historical fiction novel that will be out later this year. You can also find my stories in Cha and Queen Mob’s Teahouse.  In my spare time, when I am not obsessively reading up on the Cholas, I work as a co-founder on Trendlyne, a financial investing platform.